Query is a record in our database which keeps all the query parameters of your url so you dont have to use any query in your url. You only need to mention the query id in your url. Typical url looks like this.


Query list page shall display all queries created by user with two action links.

Title Section

  1. datatable name
  2. active app ID

Button Group

  1. Create New Query
  2. Validation
  3. Customize Validation Messages

Datatable Action Links

  1. Update
  2. Delete

Url For Api Calls

  1. Standard Form Of URL
  2. General Form Of URL

Api Calls Examples

  1. JQuery
  2. ReadAll
  3. Create
  4. Read
  5. Update
  6. Delete
  7. SignUp
  8. SendEmailVerificationCode
  9. VerifyEmail
  10. Login
  11. ConditionalLogin
  12. RefreshToken
  13. FilesUpload
  14. SendMail
  15. PushSubscribe
  16. GetAppSecret